Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow Geese in flight

Snow Geese on Fir Island, near the house where I live. It was cold and windy this morning -- too rough for a walk with the dog, but I loaded firewood onto the front porch, where it's handy to the stove. Then I raked out some debris on the driveway -- just to neaten it up and get my blood flowing.

I continued to work on my embroidered sweater. It's an old brown sweater that I used for landscaping last spring, but I have recycled it into a wearable work of art, with embroidered designs front and back and on the sleeves. The theme is the valuation of old things -- old sweaters and such -- we don't throw them away.

The designs on the sweater are all about the Weather -- lightning, rainfall, the moon, the sun, snowflakes, and then a twisting vine growing up the right sleeve.

Today I completed the moon on the front of the sweater and then I did what I should have done before I started this project -- namely to wash the sweater and get it clean. Anyway, it wasn't too late to soak it in hot water in the kitchen sink and give it a gentle hand washing and rinse. Then I draped it over the railing on the back porch -- it should be mostly dry by when I come home this evening. Then I'll lay it on a towel for the final drying.

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chad said...

The snow geese in flight were beautiful... Greetings from Floresville! I think I should have talked to you more during your time here. From reading your blogs I did not realize what a adventurous man you are. I enjoyed your stories of NYC and NM. I am in the mood to move somewhere where snow falls and I can see the seasons change. Keep up the good work. I have submitted a couple of freelance stories to the paper and to some mags. Starting my writing career at 40... Chad Clark (Floresvile PD)