Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Say Uncle

I claim the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as my true South Side uncle. If you disrespect him, than you disrespect me. If you walk out of his church, than you're walking out of my life.

There is a tidal wave of religious bigotry and racial intolerance focused on Rev. Wright, but I stand with him. America needs to hear what he has to say.

I am surprised at the furious reaction to Wright's sermons. I see now that we have not overcome race -- we can get there, but we can't runaround race, we have to go right through it. And we can get through race and get to a better place where Barak Obama serves as President.

But if Rev. Wright makes you mad, or if you think he ought to keep quiet in order to improve Obama's chances, then you have a racial problem and you need to deal with it.

I am calling on every single American that I know about this. We need to deal with it. But telling Rev. Wright to shut up and go home is like if you had said the same thing to me. The Rev. Wright is my uncle. He gets to talk, I get to talk, and we all get to talk.

God Bless America

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