Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin -- the new Anita Bryant

John McCain may have picked her because she's shorter than he is. McCain is 5 foot seven inches tall.

The candidates' height is part of a long list of things that shouldn't matter, but they do. But I don't think McCain chose her for strategic political reasons, or for height reasons, actually. This was McCain-as-maverick, saying what-the-hell, let's wing it, and this might be fun.

He's right about that. It will be fun. But now, as I think about it, when people say they miss the old maverick McCain -- I don't want that quality in my President. I want a careful thinker -- with some imagination, just not too much.

Many people have compared Sarah Palin to Anita Bryant, she of the orange juice advertisements and the anti-homosexual crusades -- you younger readers can look up Anita Bryant for a reprise of those historic moments.

But, aside from these snarky comments, I will make no criticism of Gov. Palin. Hear her words. Let her speak for herself, and form your own opinion.

As for experience and the lack of it, I have wanted a new face all along, and I found my new face in Barak Obama, so I can hardly deny the Republicans their own new face.

In fact, I have been bored to death with all the commentary attending the Democratic convention. If I ran a newspaper or a website, I would simply publish the unedited speeches. I heard Michelle Obama say that she loved her husband and she believed he would make a good President -- I did not need an interpretation of her words.

I heard Hillary Clinton endorse Barak Obama --- I took her words at face value.

Heard Bill Clinton give a joyful speech, and I realized that no one ever enjoyed being President as much as he did -- Ii think he really misses having that job, and I hope, for his sake and for the sake of the country, that he can found another path of public service.

I heard Barak Obama speak last night, and he did very well. He's my candidate, and he's six-foot one inch tall.


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