Friday, March 26, 2010

Buying Bottled Water is Dumb

Buying Bottled Water is Dumb

Most of the people who read Frog Hospital are happy about the new health care bill, but some readers are very much displeased.

Most readers think that climate change is a serious problem that we need to deal with, but some do not.

Or the deficit is a problem, or the war in Afghanistan -- there are so many debatable questions.

But can anybody in their right mind, from any political persuasion, declare that the bottled water industry is doing the world a favor?

It's unanimous -- drinking bottled water is dumb and wasteful.

So, good, we all agree on something. Then we can all agree to avoid and abstain from this product. Tap water is better.

Big LA and Little LA. Wednesday morning I was in LaConner. I took the bus to SeaTac Airport, got on a plane and flew to LAX, took the free airport shuttle to the Metro bus stop, and then got on the Number Three bus which goes down Lincoln Blvd. to Venice. I got off the bus at California Avenue and walked four blocks to my sister's house.

So now I am in big LA. It is the time of year for cool morning fog and afternoon sun. There is a riot of green grass and wildflowers in the hills because of substantial winter rains.

I will be here a week or longer. I have a horticultural project -- involving patios and scented geraniums. I also have a literary project -- involving a reading from the manuscript of my about-to-be-published book. There going to love Frog Hospital in Los Angeles.

The Reagan Revolution. Evidence abounds in Venice neighborhoods -- thirty years of Reaganism has produced extremes of wealth and poverty. Tattered homeless people snuggle in dirty sleeping bags on the sidewalk in front of homes that cost more than a million dollars. Drivers of BMWs and Jaguars float past panhandlers at the intersections, And everybody gets what they deserve.

But it didn't used to be that way, and it doesn't need to be that way.

The Los Angeles Times Worships President Obama. In a book review, prominently displayed on the front of the LATimes website, we read, "The President is an unflappable Zen master with a belly full of audacity. Hard work, endurance and civility are inherent in his personality."

That's just one sentence -- the whole review is an unmitigated adoration of Obama -- it was like reading about the Great Leader in North Korea. It's really shameful to read this gushing prose in such a prominent and respected newspaper. I say this as a very strong supporter of President Obama, who is far better served by objective reporting.

Opt In and Opt Out.
Frog Hospital has an "opt out" format. This is quite unfortunate because there are always a few people who end up on our mailing list even if they did not choose to be on it.

It pains me greatly to send Frog Hospital to people who do not really wish to read it, but advanced technical ignorance has prevented me from implementing a solution, which is to become an "opt in" newsletter. My apologies if I have clogged your Inbox.

Spring Subscription Drive.
Many thanks to those readers who have sent in checks. Your dollars are greatly appreciated. But there is still time -- the spring drive is not over. You can support Frog Hospital by writing a check for $25 made out to Fred Owens, and mail it to Box 1292, LaConner WA, 98257. Or you can go to the Frog Hospital blog and pay $25 with the PayPal button. Thanks a bunch.

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Writing Something New. I'm doing final corrections from the proofreader today. It's a wrap. Aware as I am of its many flaws, the book goes out into the world now. Then I will be flogging it here and there at bookstores and other venues, But book-writing is the real fun and I'm looking forward to working on something new.

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