Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Commando Raids Widely Condemned

I read in the newspaper online about "the emergence of contrasting versions of the melee at sea."

Contrasting versions should be expected

My interest in this flotilla is huge. I am reading all over the Internet -- from the Jerusalem Post (right wing) to The Nation here in the states.

"Widespread condemnation" was a phrase I encountered often. But when I tried to think of who or what I condemned, I couldn't come up with anything.

I recommend -- as a credible, liberal source from Israel.

In a verse in Genesis, Jacob says to his sons, "... it is better to live and not die."

Truly the modern Israelis embody this verse. They live. Everything else is secondary. It is a nation without friends. It is better to live and have no friends, then it is to cease to exist and be mourned.

"To life" is the Jewish toast. Not to "long life and prosperity," but "to life."

The U.S. has no need to support Israel militarily or economically. They do not need our help, that is only our own delusion. If we cut off the aid, they would turn, within 24 hours, to the Chinese and make a deal with them. If the Chinese turned them down, they would make a deal with Iran -- without hesitation -- in order to live and not die.

To live and not die -- but with exceptions. In medieval Spain, when Jews were forced to convert to Christianity, some preferred a martyr's death, and they were honored. But others chose to abjure their faith in order that they might continue to live, and that choice was respected also.

I could say I admire the Israelis, but they do not ask for or need my admiration. And the "widespread condemnation" is of little concern to them as well.

But I wonder. Do they want or need the attention? The Israelis have once more demonstrated that they can command the attention of the world's media, and sweep aside the Gulf oil spill, and bury the Afghan war in the back pages, and take center stage with a commando raid -- just because they can.

Greece was trashing the Euro and shaking up the world economy only last week. Those upstarts. We're Israel, and we make the news!

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