Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Engagement Party

The Engagement Party

The party was at Aunt Winnie's house in Lobengula in late February, 1997.

At least I think she lived in a township called Lobengula.

Perhaps someone can correct me.

Lobengula was the last king of the Ndebele people. His kingdom was taken over by Cecil Rhodes, the English conqueror who had such an ego -- Rhodes named the entire country after himself!

It became Rhodesia. And we think Donald Trump is a big head. He is nothing compared to Cecil Rhodes.

Rhodes brought the railroads and the English language and the Christian religion to this country -- named after himself.

His colonial reign ended in 1980, when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, and an Africa tyrant, Robert Muhabe, became the new ruler, a man of great cruelty.

Now, I ask you, who was the best man, Lobengula the king, Cecil Rhodes the conqueror, or Robert Mugabe the life-long dictator ?

But we are talking about the engagement party in 1997 of one American man, Fred Owens, and one Africa woman, Precious Mataka. In the photo, I think you can spot which one is Fred Owens. He is the white man standing in back of the two aunties -- Aunt Janet and Aunt Winnie.

There are not too many white people ion Zimbabwe, so it was often thus -- Fred Owens being the only white man at the party. I got used to it. No one molested me.

I have more photos of this party and I will have them scanned and then I will post them and talk about it.

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