Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Indoor Soccer, Lentil Soup, Daily Mass

I watched my daughter play indoor soccer earlier this evening. When we got home, it was past nine, so I missed the beginning of "Boston Legal," but I got over that.

I had cooked the lentil soup this morning, before leaving the house to go to Mass at noon. But I didn't cook it all the way done. Old lentils take longer to cook, I think.

So, when we came home from indoor soccer, and we missed the first part of "Boston Legal," I found out that the lentil soup wasn't ready to eat. In fact, it's still cooking -- frustrating the way things don't work out.

I went to daily Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral in downtown Austin. I forgot how much I liked it. I go to Sunday Mass several times a year, but it's usually crowded with people I don't know, and it takes at least an hour, which is too long for me.

Weekday Mass takes less than 45 minutes, and there are only a few people there.

At the cathedral, I enjoyed very much looking at the stained glass, and I imagined myself in the Middle Ages.

I am becoming more humble. Less often do I think that I know better than most other people. I am also relating to women in a better way. All women are my sisters, I realized.

I finished my book on the Crusades, called "God's War," by Christopher Tyerman, a medieval historian at Oxford University. All 921 pages -- it was wonderful. I sent Professor Tyerman an email of admiration and praise, and hope that he acknowledge my message.

But now what will I read? Do you know that sad feeling when you finish a good book and the future looks a little empty? I have that feeling now. And the lentils are still cooking.

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