Monday, November 03, 2008

"What if we had an election and everyone came?"

"What if we had an election and everyone came?" High voter turnout could swamp the system. There's a chance that Obama will make a landslide win and, in that case, the results will be in early.

But it's far more likely that Obama will win by a narrow margin, and that means we'll get no conclusive results on Tuesday evening.

Therefore, I have altered my party plans. I'm going to work on Tuesday evening, from 3 to 11 at the hospital. Some of the patients will have the TV on and tuned into the election, so I'll be able to keep tabs as the evening goes along.

After work, at 11 p.m., I'll stop by Democratic party headquarters in Mount Vernon and see what's up. But unless it's an Obama blowout, I'm not going to stick around.

I'll just go home, go to sleep, and wait until Wednesday. If they DO have any problem counting the votes, it won't help for me to be breathing down their necks impatiently.

Florida is, of course, a problem. It's not so much cheating down there, it's more like they can't even COUNT.

But we will get a winner sooner or later.

And this message is for Frog Hospital readers in foreign countries --- In America, we have elections that are very long, very expensive, and very complicated. We could do that six-week in-and-out type of election like they do in Canada and England, but that's not our style.

I have been immensely interested and entertained by the election battle this year.

I expect the Democrats will take over. After all, it's our turn to screw up the country.

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