Sunday, May 03, 2009

Totally threatened

I saw photos of Third Year law students at Stanford University. They were at a party, wearing dress up clothes. This was a Photo Album on Facebook. One of these law students is a Frog Hospital reader, which is a sign of maturity.

But I gotta tell you, seeing these kids, in their mid-twenties -- I sure hope they don't take over the world. It looked like a lot of brains and no experience. They are not ready for the power and the high salaries and prestige.

You should never go to law school until you have lived -- until you have worked as a waitress for at least a year, or served in the military, or borne and raised children, or done farm work.

I would never let anybody go to law school until they were at least 35-years-old.

And women make half of the law students today. Nobody listened to me back in the seventies when women began going to law school. But I will state my plan, as I said it back then.

Every time a woman enters law school, we need to get one man to retire from practicing law. This way we would not increase the number of lawyers in the country. I proposed a federally-financed buyout program, where a practicing lawyer would surrender his law license for a substantial sum, and then find some other way to make a living.

But we didn't do that. Instead all the women went to law school, and now we have twice as many lawyers as need to have, and they are all very expensive to feed.

I feel threatened by these people. I am old and weak, and I fear they will make new laws that I do not understand, and then punish me.

NOT THREATENED, BUT NOT IMPRESSED EITHER. Tom Robbins is coming out with a new book. He will stage a book signing at the LaConner Brewery this Tuesday, May 5, at 6:30 p.m. All you Tom Robbins fans can come a running.

I don't get this guy. There are all these women who seem to go ga-ga over a man-child, some little farts-in-his-pants Peter Pan type of guy, and they chase old Tom Robbins around the block, trying to recover their lost youth. This is all very second-rate.

That's why I don't live in LaConner. Tom Robbins takes up way too much room.

I saw this clearly after going to the Leonard Cohen concert last week. Cohen is an artist of great stature, whereas Robbins is a writer who sells a lot of books. There is a difference.

So be my guest. Go to the book signing. Meet your "I never wanna grow up, wa-wa" Man. I will be someplace else.

ON FIR ISLAND. I rent a place on this big farm. I could have a very big garden, but I don't. Just a small plot, no bigger than a kitchen table in size. I planted collard greens last month and they are doing fine. In between the collard greens I put in some parsley, and then to get it really crowded, I added some shallots. I like the plants to be all close together.

This small plot is surrounded by a five-foot swath of wood chips. I call it the slug wilderness, as any hungry slugs would have to traverse this barren strip in order to get at my collard greens.

I dug up another small plot next to the house, on the south side, right next to the faucet. I did this because I'm too cheap to buy another length of hose. Being right next to the faucet will make it easier to water.

I'm going to plant scarlet runner beans in this plot. I was going to plant them today, but an old timer warned me -- it's still too early. The soil temperature is still too low for beans. They will only rot in the ground. So I will put the scarlet runner beans in next week. Plus some indeterminate cherry tomatoes that can grow up the same trellis with the beans.

Of course, I will need to build a trellis for these climbers, but I can do that later.

SUBSCRIPTIONS. Frog Hospital is doing fine. We have received a total of $855 since the drive began in February. We are hoping to break our old record of $2,000 set in 2005. Frog Hospital was doing good in 2005, but then I took the job at the conservative Texas newspaper, and I didn't really have the time for Frog Hospital. I let things slide. Revenue fell lower and lower, until last year, we only earned $470.

But I am renewing my effort, and it's beginning to show. The newsletter is as good as ever, and people are still willing to pay for good material -- something those idiots in the mainstream press don't seem to realize.

So many Frog Hospital readers are defenders of mainstream journalism -- I realize that. I understand your concerns. I just don't agree.

Subscriptions are $25, Hit the Pay Pal on the Frog Hospital blog, or mail a check to the address below.

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