Friday, March 11, 2011

Fighting with Gophers

I stand guard. I will never give up and never retreat. Who's farm is it? It's our farm, and if those gophers think they can borrow under the raised beds and eat our Brussel Sprouts -- I'm telling you, this will not stand.

They got a whole hay field, twenty acres, just next door, they can roam all they want. I am not saying to make the species extinct. I'm just trying to establish a boundary.

And these so-called wise people say you gotta live with nature. Well, of course you gotta live with nature. And I tell you, if nature is a gopher, then nature better darn well learn to live with me too.

Because you, Mr. Underground Rodent, will NOT take over our vegetable patch.

Or eat the roots of the roses, which have been here many years.

Friends in High Places. I have friends in high places. I'm talking about hawks and owls. I see them floating above, or perched in the trees. They get hungry every day. And they can see YOU, Mr. Gopher. So you better watch your step. Dinner is dinner and we all gotta make a living.

I'm going to live with nature. I might get plucked from the sky someday myself. But in the meantime, you leave my Brussel Sprouts alone.

Little bastards.

Colonel Kaddafi Will Lose. I want him to lose. You want him to lose. So we only need to construct a winning scenario for the rebel forces in the East.

CNN reports the rebels are in headlong retreat. I also monitor the BBC, Al Jazeera, and Ha-Eretz for news from the Middle East, and these sources report the same news.

Kaddafi is winning but all he has is cash, a mountain of it to be sure, but cash eventually runs out, it does not grow. He has cash, but no income. Even the Russians and the Chinese will abandon him.

He pays mercenaries $1,000 per day. They will fight for him until he runs out of money.

But the rebels have much more -- they have friends. Friendship grows and becomes more powerful. But cash -- without income -- eventually disappears.

So the Colonel will lose.

And we will never give up.

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