Friday, January 04, 2013

Frida Kahlo.

By chance, I was in New York City in November of 1990 and I
visited the Metropolitan Musuem of Art to see an exhibit of Frida Kahlo's
original paintings. Few people in this country had ever heard of her, but
she made a splash in the world of art and the world of Hispanic culture,
becoming a feminine icon, her image silk-screened on t-shirts and coffee
mugs from Seattle to Tierra del Fuego, to become as over-exposed as she had
once been hidden......There's some politics in all of this, and I will stay
one hundred miles away from that.

Instead, I am composing a work of the imagination on Facebook starring
Frida Kahlo, the Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz, director John Huston,
Moses, King Solomon, Queen Nefertiti, Pope Pius XII, Modjadji -- the Rain
Queen of South Africa, and the Virgin of Guadalupe. And others. I am
thinking I will need a comic character, so that will be Albert Brooks

The work is exploratory but it has three unquestionable premises -- that
America is the New World, that Africa is where the human race began, and
that the Matopos Hills in Zimbabwe are the site of King Solomon's Mine.

The work bears a distinct resemblance to my previous effort, the Story of
Jimmy & Hitch, re-titled the Fishtown Blues, which I wrote last summer.
That work placed real and historical people in a fictional setting, with
characters such as pharmacist and former Mayor Fred Martin, plus
quasi-fictional characters such as Aurora Jellybean. The story was tightly
focused on a journey of one day's duration in July, 1982, when Jimmy
Kuipers woke up from a night's drinking and headed into town to buy more
beer at the Frog Hospital. Jimmy hooked up with his pal Hitch and they had
adventures and went out to Fishtown to confront the face of evil and the
death or disappearance of a woman they knew only as Lisa. It was a good
story, and those who have read it asked me to write

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