Thursday, October 03, 2013

You Can't Close the Grand Canyon

I need to say this -- Yes, the national parks are "closed" but they are still there. It's sort of like the sun on a cloudy day -- it's still up in the sky, but you can't see it.

You can't actually close the Grand Canyon.

The shutdown, we might explain to overseas visitors, is a constitutional ritual. There has been no illegal usurpation of powers, it's being done by the book. The shutdown will take as long as it takes, and the varying parties will resolve their differences.

Or you might think of it as a party game -- to see who can hold their breath the longest.

A National Day of Non-Action. I call for a National Day of Non-Action. The gov't is not working, why should we? Join me in doing nothing, or as little as possible.

I have the novel notion that this so-called "shutdown" is really the tired wheezing of a worn-out overloaded piece of machinery called the federal govt. Maybe we should just give it a rest and don't use it for while. And give yourself a rest too. Take a walk in your neighborhood -- you will quickly find somebody who can use your help.

And let's face it -- for most of you, what you do is not essential -- if you put it off for a few days no harm would come.

No Cause for Panic. Let the major media journalists and the high-powered politicos make their grandstand plays, but do not heed their dramatic warnings. Our country is not facing utter ruin. We are actually doing quite well. To confirm that judgment, I suggest that you look out the window -- Do you see madness and mayhem?


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