Friday, March 04, 2016

"Have You No Sense of Decency, Sir?"

"Have You No Sense of Decency, Sir?" Joseph Welch challenged Senator McCarthy with this damning accusation in 1954. The episode marked the beginning of the end of McCarthy's anti-communist witch hunt.
Many people today hope for a new accusation against Donald Trump -- hoping to shame him......
In 1954 there was a sense of decency, meaning a widespread consensus on what was courteous and ethical behavior.......and that sense of decency is what finally brought McCarthy to heal.
Today, in 2016 there is no sense of decency, in the sense of a widespread agreement. There is only your opinion, but there is no objective reality, no ethical judgment and certainly no eternal truth. That would be judgmental. And you heard what Pope Francis said, "Who am I to judge?"
When Trump heard that he got the green light. In my opinion Donald Trump is a jackass, offensive to my standards of good taste and good judgment, but all I have is my own opinion. I mean that I would not do what Trump does or say what Trump says, but who am I to judge?
By what standard or authority might I accuse him?

Is it better in Santa Barbara?
Yes, it is better in Santa Barbara and here is the secret -- good weather and lots of money.
Thousands of people visit Santa Barbara every year and they love it -- because coming here makes them feel good. That is almost guaranteed. People come here and they start smiling and they start relaxing. Now it ain't cheap, the hotels and all, but it's worth it.
I am living here almost five years now. I like living next to all these rich people because they have good taste and they don't offend me.
Believe me, I am a very touchy old grouch and a garish display of wealth is disgusting to me  -- but they don't do that in Santa Barbara. I drive around town and everywhere it's beautiful, the houses, and walkways, the trees and the gardens -- all in proper proportions  -- soothing my highly critical psyche.

Hollywood. I love Hollywood, but the movies are about make believe, and we get easily confused because Hollywood people are acting, even when they are not acting. .. The diversity problem is such a piece of fakery. There is no problem. Anybody can make a movie. Who's stopping you? I go to see the movies I like, not the movies I'm supposed to like.... the market for movies is global and rapidly expanding. The technology for making good film is dramatically cheaper. So go forth, act, and shoot! If it's any good, people will come to see it. There is no barrier, no obstacle to this creative expression. Telenovelas in Mexico are getting better all the time. An incredible volume of good and bad movies are coming out of Mumbai..... A revolutionary new cinematic scene emerges in Nigeria.... and more.

I have been in Toastmasters for one year, in an attempt to get over my fear of public speaking.....After much effort I can report a ten percent improvement....But I still get palpitations and shaky knees standing up in front of 15 people and actually talking....I would rather go to the dentist.

Life in Prison. I've been writing to my friend who is spending the rest of his life in prison -- which is pretty much where he deserves to be -- but he's still my friend. He's 51 and I've known him since he was 9 years old. Saw him grow up. Tried to be a good influence. Didn't think he had it in him -- that crime. But we don't talk about that -- he's serving his sentence and that's all there is to it.
His mother visits him every week. She is really glad that I have written to him. She said, "I would give up my whole life if I could get him out of prison, but that will not ever happen."
I started to think -- how do you write to someone you haven't seen in fifteen years -- since he got sent away. What do you talk about?

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