Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Luke Warm for Hillary

Luke Warm for Hillary is a new political action group. Here is what our members are saying....
"Well, I guess she's okay. She probably won't screw it up too badly. We could do worse."
Luke Warm for Hillary is an anti-viral campaign committee. We pause, We consider. We have no intention to "catch on like wildfire." And passionate? Hardly.
We Luke Warmers are quick with a shrug of the shoulders. "It's gonna be four long years of Clinton, so get used to it."
Speaking of Resignation. The British have this wonderful habit of resigning. First David Cameron. Then Boris Johnson. Now this fellow, Nigel Farage, who is leader of the UK Independence Party. It is so touching, We should do that here in America. Resign! Quit while you're ahead! The nation will thank you.
The Owens Principle. It concerns immigration, and it goes like this --- "The rate of immigration is what matters. A surge in immigration produces a reaction. It doesn't matter what country the newcomers come from. It doesn't matter what their religion is or what language they speak, or whether they are educated or not. It doesn't matter how many come. The only thing that matters is the rate --- When there is an even flow, we adjust and the newcomers assimilate. When there is a surge, we react less positively."
If government was flexible -- a pipe dream if there ever was one -- it would moderate the flow, tighten up when the surge is strong, and loosen up when the movement is calm.
It can work well. We gain from newcomers. But we pick and choose. Take salsa -- everybody likes salsa...... But then consider menudo -- menudo is not likely to become an American staple.
In the old days the Irish came over and the Yankee kids beat the crap out of the Irish kids. But they got used to each other after a while. Then the Italians and the Jews came over and the Yankee and Irish kids beat the crap out of the Italian and Jewish kids. And you should have heard the language. They all called each other very nasty names.
Keep that history in mind. We have always welcomed immigrants, but we were never very nice about it.
Eat globally. I am a global foodist. Farmers in Ohio, farmers in Pakistan, farmers right down the street from where I live -- all good to me. I am grateful to the people who do this kind of work, wherever they live.
Eat globally. Small farms are good. Big farms are good. Family-owned farms are good. Corporate farms are good. Ancient time-honored traditions are good. The latest in modern technology is good.
Eat globally. Visit farms all over the the earth. Visit the coffee farms in Ethiopia and the banana plantations in Costa Rica.
Locally-owned organic farms that sell at the farmers market are good. Large corporations that grow crops in Third World countries under contract for Wal-Mart are good.
Farmers give us food and we thank them.
Be a farmer's friend, wherever they may live and however they may work.
Eat globally. Eat with your family, Eat with your friends. Buy the food that you like to eat and enjoy yourself.
Brexit. The town of Wigan voted for Brexit. Here is why. George Orwell wrote a book -- The Road to Wigan Pier -- about the hardship of working class life during the Depression. So Wigan got a bit famous for its suffering.....It's not much better now. Wigan was supposed to embrace the European Union, but apparently they did not. They voted to leave.
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