Thursday, October 13, 2016

Orange Peels

By Fred Owens
Orange Peels
It all goes into the compost pile. I had been thinking of orange peels, but this also applies to all that is said and done in the presidential all goes in the compost heap. It will rot and break down and be transformed into something beneficial. It just takes time.
But maybe we should shovel faster.

Some diehard Trumpsters that I know in South Texas are doubling down with their man. But their numbers are shrinking..... Myself, I ignored the tape and the other allegations....I already had a low opinion of the man... His public utterances have been enough to condemn him in my view.... .. I am not interested in going into Trump's past mostly because if we dig up his past, then it might not stop there. I don't want my past to be dug up. How about you? Did you ever do or say anything that you wish you hadn't done? Maybe it was a long time ago and you figured it doesn't matter, but now it comes back to haunt you. None of us are truly innocent...... I have made my decision to support Clinton and oppose Trump based on their public words. I will not look in the trash barrel of either candidate. I don't need to go there.

Thinking of Frank Sinatra. Thinking of Frank Sinatra who may have treated some show girls very badly, but at least he had talent......Donald Trump doesn't even have talent. Trump is like Sinatra without the talent.

Trump looks in the mirror and he wants to be Frank, but he will never be Frank, so he gets mad at the world and blames everyone but himself.
But Sinatra had talent and Ava Gardner loved him. Trump has no talent and nobody loves him.

JFK. Bill Clinton looked in the mirror when he was a young man and he wanted to be John F. Kennedy. Did he succeed? Did he become like his role model?

LBJ. We're forgetting Groper-In-Chief Lyndon Johnson. It was he who might have said, "Once I have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow." LBJ was known around the White House as the man with the extra-friendly hands. Male, female, everyone felt his personal touch. They say Queen Elizabeth was the only woman who escaped his friendly advances when she came to visit.

But I don't report this as a fact. It could be an urban legend....

Jimmy Carter.
We have a direct confession from President Jimmy Carter, that he had lust in his heart .... Lust! As he sat there in the Oval Office admiring the shapely calves of White House secretaries... Jimmy Carter could not control himself without God's help.
Democratic Men. Bringing us to the present and the false words of a hundred Democratic men who claim so loudly, so sanctimoniously, to be above such gutter talk. "I am not like that. I never grabbed the cantaloupe. It was never mine to possess. I am above that common lust."  Words.
Who among you is innocent?
Committee Work. I have been doing committee work and administrative chores for the Santa Barbara Kiwanis Club. Our club celebrates the civic spirit of America. We celebrate  friendship and mutual aid. I am the Secretary this year, so I keep the minutes at our monthly board meetings, and I collect the lunch money at our weekly social lunch.
Naturally, being a writer, I though of T.S. Eliot.  T.S. Eliot kept his day job at a bank and wrote very good poetry in his time off. Sam Hamill, founder of Copper Canyon Press in Port Townsend, Washington, was also a very good poet. But when Copper Canyon Press became successful and grew larger, there grew up layers of administrative people and committees. So I asked Sam about that. Do the committee meetings kill your Muse? He said, No he could bring his Muse to the committee meetings and do just fine. ..... That's what he said. He told me so himself.
So I will follow the example of Sam Hamill.
Being Frank. Every man wants to be Frank. But those of us who are healthy do not indulge this fantasy too often.
Thanks, Donald. Thanks, Donald. Now all the women are mad at all the men. Way to go.
Old News. Last Friday's tape seems like old news today. But it is still all compost. All compost. Orange peels, old potatoes, everything goes into the pile. Turn it with a garden fork. Stale allegations and accusations mixed with bitter coffee grounds. All compost.
Subscriptions. I am getting tired of doing the garden work for small wages. If more people buy subscriptions it would liberate me from this chore. I am not knocking the garden work per se, but I am tired of it. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. I mean, it's good and wholesome to have your feet on the ground and to have your hands in contact with the earth, but I would rather be riding my bike and writing Frog Hospital.
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