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Seven Spanish Angels

Frog Hospital  -- April 13 -- by Fred Owens
 I heard the Seven Spanish Angels -- the rendition by Willie Nelson and Ray Charles -- "there were Seven Spanish Angels at the altar of the sun," a very mythical song.
The Seven Gardens I worked in last week were not too mythical, but they were full of spring beauty and blossoms, bursting with color and soft breezes.
There are songs everywhere, because it is spring. A young woman came over to the house to see about renting the spare bedroom. Her name was Lily. I said to her, "Hi Lily," and instantly I thought of the song, sung by Leslie Caron in 1952. It was a favorite of my mother's. "A song of love is sad song, hi lily, hi lily, hi-lo." Do you remember it? It was so old-fashioned.
Lily looked at the spare bedroom, but said she will think about it. Usually that means it is not quite right for her needs. Selecting housemates is a crucial process at our house. Laurie is very good at picking the right people to rent the room.
Angelica is moving out, which is why the room is available. I would tell you all about Angelica, but that is a private matter and this is a newsletter, so I only write about people who welcome the attention.
But there is so much to say.... so many people that I have gotten to know here in Santa Barbara.
I could write about Pete Georgi. He wouldn't mind. He sells insurance and restores classic cars. He is also the manager of the Carriage Museum, where they keep the antique carriages and saddles on display.
But then I know personal stuff about Pete, nothing shocking or strange, nothing like that, but still I would need permission.
That's why we invented fiction. I could make up a story with a character named Pete, a gruff sixtiesh man, and his two daughters, Lily and Angelica. The two daughters are finding their way in the world and Pete is confronting mortality. The daughters are growing up too fast and Pete is getting old too fast.

Lily, the younger daughter by two years, works at the Equestrian Rescue Center. She loves the wounded horses, the abandoned ones. She is a vegan and she has become militant about that. She argues with her Dad. Pete told her, "You're living under my roof and you will keep your opinion to yourself when I have my pals over for a BBQ. I tolerate you and you can tolerate me. Maybe you think I'm a terrible old rascal, but I
am not."
Angelica, the elder girl, is not one to debate with Pete. She only wants to get away. She does HR work at some health care business. After hours she does hair extensions and eyebrow plucking and skin care, a bit of a cash business. "I'm getting away from here," she tells Rahin on her very smart phone. Rahin lives in Calabasas just outside of Los Angeles, and makes big dollars doing sales work for Pfizer Drugs. He comes from the Middle East. He's ten years older than Angelica, drives a New BMW. Pete doesn't even want to meet him. He is angry and scared. Angelica will go away, far away, and there is nothing he can do about it.

Well, I could make up a story like that.
So I write and I garden. 
Politics. Politics are happening too fast these days. Anything I read or write will expire by tomorrow. I could write that Trump embraces NATO until he doesn't. He disses Putin until he wants to be friends again. Why watch?
Today North Korea's fearless leader and our blessed President are staring at each other to see who blinks first.
I was talking with a close and trusted friend about this. I said our guy is not nearly as crazy as their guy. She agreed, "but that's not saying much. I would feel much better if Hillary Clinton was handling this."
Personal Business. I will soon be working as a tutor, working for a non-profit in an after-school program helping junior high and high school students -- helping those who are struggling and those who strive to excel. I will be doing a lot less gardening.

Spring Subscription Drive. A $25 or $50 subscription to Frog Hospital comes with the promise that I will try my best. I have been writing this journal since 1998.
I have written some hundreds of issues of this journal, and some of it has been very good indeed and I would like to continue writing this, and I would like you to send me a check for $25 or $50 or punch the PayPal button.
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Don't get me wrong. Paying attention to national and global issues is the duty of responsible adults. Pondering and discussing issues is a necessary part of public life. But you need strength to be effective. you need to hold your ground, and one way to gather your strength is to spend time in the garden, with your feet literally on the ground.

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