Monday, August 06, 2018

California Senator Kamala Harris for President in 2020

By Fred Owens

California is burning. Horrific fires are spreading across northern California, and it's hot everywhere. More than a thousand homes are destroyed in Redding. Yosemite Park is closed. Fire crews are stretched thin and exhausted. It seems unbearable, but they will get through this somehow.

That's in northern California. Down here in Santa Barbara it's just hot and we can't complain.

California Senator Kamala Harris for President in 2020

California Senator Kamala Harris might make a good President. If she runs in 2020 she could beat Trump.

I would like the next President to speak for all Americans and be someone we can all live with. Maybe she is that person.

I'm doing a little research on Harris. We like her a lot in California, but I need to hear from some friends in Ohio and Michigan to see how she does in the heartland.

She's 53, in her first term as Senator, formerly California Attorney General, a graduate of Howard University, has a husband but no children.

She embraces identity politics

"Harris’ remarks follow criticism — including from some within the Democratic Party — that a full-throated embrace of racial, ethnic and gender issues could distract from a broader Democratic platform."

Quoted from Politico but that registers with me. I don't understand identity issues and prefer to avoid them. I try to go after issues without the dimension of race and gender.

I support reproductive freedom, a $15 minimum wage, a reduction in student loan debt, and Medicare for all residents of our country. That seems uncomplicated to me.

I don't have to agree with Harris on where the emphasis should be on identity, but I can help her get votes from crusty old white men like me.

Let's talk about unimportant things, like her name. It has a good sound, it rolls off the tongue. Ka-ma-la. If you met someone named Kamala you would start to like her right away. And her last name, Harris, is common and easy to remember.

She has a husband, Douglas Emhoff, who is a lawyer. They got married four years ago. Does he fit the bill for First Gentlemen? I don't want to hear about any trouble or anything "interesting."  I want an unremarkable, affectionate marital team in the White House. She will be President. He will have his own occupation  -- one hopes.

For President I want someone who is likable and not quick to anger, who wins friends easily and enjoys the crowd, who feels at home in Missouri or Colorado, who works hard, but not too hard, who fights like hell, but would rather not, who can cut a deal when deals can be cut, who can make a joke on herself now and then, and who can give a speech that will stir the blood of the nation.

Finally, thinking about Kamala Harris in 2020 gives me hope.There is life after Trump. There is a good future ahead.

And we say goodbye here, marching out the door to the old Democrats' tune, Happy Days Are Here Again.

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