Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I got into an Argument with a Trump Supporter

I got into an Argument with a Trump Supporter

By Fred Owens

I prided myself on maintaining a friendly attitude with the Trump supporters that I know. We can have a dialog. We can sort things out. We can at least maintain civil contact. But no more, not from me. The discussion is over. The judgment is clear -- Trump has to go and soon. He is a danger to our country. It's not if or maybe, it's now and completely real. The damning evidence has been presented. Anyone who supports Trump now is a fool and worse. I was at a meeting discussing financial matters with my Edward Jones broker and some of his other customers when a political argument broke out over Trump. The man sitting next to me was a Trump diehard idiot who would not stop talking. The Edward Jones broker is a mild-mannered fellow who only wants to help his people obtain a bit of security and growth, but he lost control of the meeting to the blathering Trumpista.
I lost it at this point. I am no longer willing to engage Trump people at any level. It's time for us to do something good for our country.

Trump must be impeached and removed from office. When that happens, we will be facing -- not a happy time -- but a big mess to clean up. Pence will become President in a caretaker role. He will not be a candidate in 2020, but will only serve to complete Trump's term. Pence will agree to make no major decisions without close consultation with McConnell and Pelosi. The Republicans can put up a dramatic new candidate for 2020, such as Nikki Hilton from South Carolina. They could even win with a a candidate of her caliber, and I could live with that. Just as long as Trump is gone, banished to his golf course, and that will be part of the deal he makes when he leaves the Oval Office. Congress will agree to not pursue criminal prosecution of Trump and Trump in turn will agree to have his most rabid red-hat followers stand down. Trump will golf on in peace after he has dampened the urges of his militia. And the nation will survive.

That's my best outcome scenario. Trump is impeached by the House. Facing conviction by the Senate he makes that deal. Pence takes over as caretaker to fill out the term and no more. Then we have a rousing election battle with some new Republican star -- like Nikki Hilton -- and the Democrats counter with Amy Klobuchar, their strongest moderate.

The nation will survive. It's not going to be pretty, but we can get through this and come out whole.

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