Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday morning

It's about love and work. Frog Hospital is changing from an email newsletter to a blog. My final Frog Hospital newsletter, numbering 174 in a series going back five years, was titled "Throwing Up the Hands." It was about recent events in Africa. It was also about the best Frog Hospital newsletter I ever wrote. That issue is posted below.

But the technical difficulties involved in my own invented format of an email newsletter were just getting to be too much -- so I am joining the blog world.

The other post is a promotion for my landscaping business. Help! I need work.

In this new format I repeat promises I've made before -- I promise not to waste your time or to write in a self-absorbed manner. And it's always about love and work.

Thank you very much,

Fred Onions


Ben Munsey said...

The blog looks good, Fred. It's good to see that your venerable e-mail newsletter has been successfully transplanted into the blogosphere. I'm going to enjoy watching it grow and flourish under these new conditions.

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