Thursday, August 25, 2005

LaConner Landscapes

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Landscape Gardening
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Environmentally focused, specializing in natural, high quality products and design reflecting our customers specific needs and desires.

Design, Installation and Maintenance that suits your dream and fits your budget.

Fifteen years experience, and still learning. Some of the smartest people we ever met are our own customers.

Overhauling your garden is one of our specialties. Have things gotten out of control? You can’t see the garage anymore because of the blackberries, and your little new Azaleas are being choked by crawling Ivy. We can put it back in shape, and put you back in charge of your own garden.

Got neighbor problems? Your flowering cherry tree grows over their fence and they keep hacking off the limbs? Or they have a 12-foot laurel hedge and they haven’t trimmed it in ten years and you can’t see the sun set anymore. Well, LaConner Landscapes has great experience in peaceful compromises and neighborly harmony.

Organic? Almost always. We know a hundred ways to solve problems with pest and weeds without resorting to strong chemicals. However it’s your decision – we can put powder on the roses, or put some Roundup on those weeds that poke in the cracks of the driveway – if you wish.

Do you know exactly what you want?
Then we’ll do exactly what you want.

You’re not sure what you want?
Well, we’re going to listen. If you have some hopelessly vague vision, we can help you flesh it out.

Have a dream, but don’t have the money? We have tricks you never heard of, and the best trick is TIME, because if you want a $10,000 garden, the best way to get that is to invest $1,000 every year for ten years.

Patios? Fences? Gates? Stonework?

Remember – it’s fun to go sailing or play a round of golf, but  the money you put into your garden is an INVESTMENT that will keep growing and increase your property value.

Fred Owens

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