Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Tuesday morning in skip week. No one is working, just pretending. No news in the newspaper -- that's good, that means nothing bad has happened, except for the usual, like a meth lab gets busted. Why would anyone do meth?

I think I will write to my friend Harvey Blume tonight. I haven't seen him since 1995, when I lived in Boston. Harvey lives in Brooklyn now. You couldn't pry him off the East Coast.

And I might call Bo Miller in LaConner, in the Skagit Valley, where I used to live. Bo is my very snobbiest friend. This annoys me, but he really can't help it. He treats everybody this way. I get mad at him, then I forgive him. It's been going on for years.

Or I could call Paul Schulte in Cinncinatti. Oh -- that's a good idea. He's one of my old pals from college. It's been a long time.

This blog is undergoing revision in terms of content. I recommend checking it once a week at this point.

I love this week. It's so quiet -- people pretending to work.

I got an excellent 6-inch totally yuppie chef's knife for Christmas, super for chopping vegetables


Anonymous said...

Around here, Columbus, Ohio, it seems as if no one is working and amongst those of us who are working we are indeed pretending. I do not share your enjoyment for the silence. Silence has always disturbed me and the deafening quiet has given the day a somber tone. Living in a city one begins to expect noise and in fact it has become a comfort that tells me everything is running as it is suppose to. For me I need the noise to distract my brain and prevent it from wandering and concentrating too hard on issues beyond my control. Enjoy your silence while it lasts as where the first of the year the noise will return.

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