Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Now, a Real Hospital

In a fortuitous change of circumstances, Fred Owens, the author of Frog Hospital, is now working at a real hospital. I have been negotiating with the marketing and communications wing of the hospital about what to write -- I am an employee, not an objective journalist, as far as that goes.

My job at the hospital involves patient care. I like the work and I'm very good at it.

In my off hours, I study the medical journals and databases. It's a vast field and I have been learning quite a bit -- I just spent the last three hours learning about liver biopsies.

I could spend the rest of my life just focusing on one thing like liver biospies, but right now I am reading and studying very broadly -- first to get the big picture -- and then to focus on a specific topic -- blood is very interesting, bones are cool -- there's a lot of work out there in health care, and a lot to write about.

Stay tuned.

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