Saturday, August 27, 2016

What Have You Got to Lose?

By Fred Owens
What Have You Got to Lose?
I love this Trump jab. I took it personally. What have I got to lose? I gotta think about that.
I'm voting for Clinton although she can be awful. I oppose Trump but he is occasionally brilliant.
Like the hat. Trump wears a bright red baseball hat. I wear a hat like that. Millions of men wear such a hat. Is the Trump hat one of those coded messages we hear about, a Trumpian wink?  No, sometimes a hat is just a hat.
What have you got to lose? Trump asks the black community. You give 99 percent of your votes to Hillary Clinton and she sticks those votes in her pants-suit pocket and travels on. What do you get from her? You get a Christmas card every December with warm wishes from Bill and Chelsea -- says Trump.
Trump commits major acts of cultural appropriation with this latest action. Black America gripes about unemployment, police brutality, high arrest rates and neighborhoods devoid of good stores or public transportation -- a litany of grievances. They get to say that, but we don't get to say the same thing. I know the rules. I never say "you people." But Trump said it -- you people. What have you got to lose? Good question.
So, from Trump's red hat we go to the fashion police on the Riviera.
A man might be known by his hat, and a woman, at least in the summer, at least at the beach, is known by her choice of swimwear. It's fashion and fashion isn't fair. Fashion is a tyrant, more powerful than the law. Dress differently than other folks and you will be noticed. Dress the same as everybody else and lose yourself in the crowd.
On the French Riviera, all the talk is about the law and a woman's right to choose. Okay, but also consider this as a matter of fashion.

Burkinis are Fashion Forward.
The all one-piece head-to-toe covering swimsuit is favored by devout Moslem women, but it is also making a splash in the Western fashion world. Ladies, it's time to cover up. Hemlines cannot possible get shorter so they must come down, all the way down to the ankles. No more plunging necklines -- necklines will rise to the neck, and sleeves to the wrist. The all-revealing bikini has been getting skimpier every year, but fashion is about changes and trends. The new trend is modesty.

Gentlemen, what you have enjoyed looking at will soon be covered up. It couldn't last forever. This is a great victory for Islam. Forget the civil rights issues played out in the French courts that made the burkini permissible. Fashion has never been about individual rights, fashion is about the massive social pressure to conform to the latest thing.   The burkini is the new fashion. Look for it at your nearest beach. Not just for Moslem women. Western women are wearing them too.
Driving Miss Mabel. Mabel lives across the street from us in Santa Barbara. She got her drivers license renewed at age 95, but she admitted to herself that she was getting a little nervous, so she decided to give up driving.
Her 2004 Chevrolet Malibu sits in the garage now. She told me her son will have it cleaned and polished and then sell it. "I don't need a car anymore," she said.
Mabel is working out other options. She might get a smart phone and use Uber. There is a cheap senior ride service in Santa Barbara but it's complicated. The bus comes by our street  but getting on or off is too hard for her with a walker and she can't wait outside for too long.
Now Mabel hires me to take her the grocery store and to the bank once a week. She's old, but she's not poor, so she pays me. She doesn't need her walker in the grocery store because she can hang on to the cart. Otherwise she brings a list and picks her food off the shelf.
She has resources  -- a helpful son who lives 15 minutes from here and a home that she has owned for more than fifty years.
She's thinking to rent out a room  -- to get somebody who will drive her and do other chores for a reduced rent. I told her, "Living with other people can be a nuisance."  She said, "I grew up in a large family in Montana and I know how to get along with people."

So I'm taking her to the grocery store, but she still needs to figure out a ride to her Bridge Club.
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