Thursday, September 01, 2016

Three Reasons Why I am a Democrat.

Three Reasons Why I am a Democrat.

1. I believe we should extend the franchise to felons and fools. If you have served your sentence, then you get to vote. You may be an uninformed incompetent lazy good-for-nothing, but your vote is as good as mine. I believe it should be difficult NOT to be registered to vote. I oppose all voter identification laws. That makes me a Democrat.
2. I believe in the forgiveness debts. I heard that someplace in a prayer -- to forgive and ask to be forgiven. That applies to financial errors as well as other matters. There's a lot of bad debt out there -- especially student loans that will never be made whole, not in a million years. It takes two fools to make a bad loan. If either the debtor or the creditor had said no it wouldn't have happened. Forgive the bad debts and start the game over again. That makes me a Democrat.
3. And I don't just believe, I know, that Harry Truman was a better president than Dwight Eisenhower. They both came from humble roots in farm country in the Midwest. Eisenhower rose to lofty heights, but Truman never forgot where he came from. And that makes me a Democrat.
Family Planning
"Family planning" is quite a contradiction. Not to say that plans are wrong, no, plans are very good. But children are much more important than any plan. How many and when you have them are subject to a certain amount of planning and that's good -- but there is ample evidence of children showing up unbidden and children longed for but not appearing. And that's just the start. Once you have them, despite all the work you do, and more planning of course, you don't have much control over how your children turn out. A family is, in essence, not a plan.
Too Funny.....25 analogies from actual high school essays. I really thought this was funny, but you might not laugh at all.
"When she tried to sing it sounded like a walrus giving birth to farm equipment."
"Her eyes were like the stars, not because they twinkle, but because they were so far apart."
And so on and so forth.
Stand for the National Anthem.  The San Francisco QB refuses to rise for the national anthem. I don't care. He can stand, sit, walk out the door, do anything but talk on his cell phone. If he talks on his cell phone while we sing the national anthem he should be shot.
Who Likes Beer. Hillary Clinton likes beer. Trump doesn't like beer. That settles it for me.
Older Women. A lot of older women are strong supporters of Hillary Clinton. They believe that Hillary Clinton is a genuine leader and an inspirational figure who will make a very good President. She is one of their own.
But.... I prefer Tim Kaine for President. He is the right age, 58. He has moderate views and a friendly smile. He served as Governor of Virginia....serving as governor is the best qualification for the top job. And, finally, he has a stable and unremarkable marriage.
Election Forecast. Trump is gaining on Hillary. His dramatic trip to Mexico captured the headlines. His immigration speech was carried live on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News.

Where was Hillary?  Hillary had to shake off the Weiner thing. She is not getting her message across.
The Frog Hospital Story. I called Charlie Krafft because Fishtown Editor Allen Frost wanted me to call Charlie. Charlie and I have been on the outs three years ... I won't go into it..... So I called Charlie and we talked.
It was Charlie himself who coined the term "Frog Hospital" although he denies it. He says that Clyde Sandborn coined the term "Frog Hospital" and Clyde drowned in 1996. Well, it doesn't matter. We will continue the Frog Hospital story in subsequent issues, but first we have to raise some money......
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