Friday, September 23, 2016

You Don't Get To Live Here

By Fred Owens
You Don't Get To Live Here
I have heard lamentations from young people that the rent on the West Coast is sky high. They are priced out of Seattle, Portland, the Bay area, and any housing in LA near the beach. You know what that means? You don't get to live here.
Call me when you have a real problem. If you have a toothache and need a ride to the dentist, I'm you're man. If you lost your job and need another one, maybe I can help. If you have a sick child needing medical attention, that is a serious problem that trumps any difficulty of mine. Those are real problems.
But if you want to live in this cool urban environment and you can't afford it, that's not a priority for me. Look for neighborhoods that aren't cool. The rent is often cheaper in those places. Think Nebraska. Go there and make it cool.
I talked with a friend in Venice last month. Adam is a moderately successful screenwriter, age 49, with spouse and child. "I could never buy a home in Venice," he said, "but I visited Bellingham earlier this year. I might be able to buy property there."
Yes, but Adam better act fast. Housing prices in all these coastal markets are rapidly rising.
Better to think long term, think about climate change -- maybe moving inland to higher ground is a good bet in the long run. Go there and make it cool.....Fresno and San Bernardino in California, any place in Kansas  -- the people in those communities would be so glad that you considered living there. Columbus, Ohio is a great town. Go inland, forget the coast.

Election Forecast. I spoke with fellow Democrat Stuart Welch. He is the former owner of the Rexville Store in LaConner and widely considered to be an expert on almost everything. "I'm sticking with my prediction," Stuart said. "It's going to be a close race right to the finish, but Hillary will pull ahead at the last minute and ride to victory. A lot of people like Trump for his shenanigans, but when the people vote they will get serious and they will vote for Hillary."
Stuart remains steadfast and calm, but Jimmy Schermerhorn is getting nervous. Jimmy lives next door to Stuart's woodworking shop. He is an auto mechanic by occupation and a very sensitive man. He worries that Trump might pull it off. I share that same nervousness.
What consoles me is this -- I don't like either candidate, but in a way, it doesn't matter who occupies the White House. This nation is good and great because of the whole-hearted efforts that all the people make, all 300 million of us. No one man, and no one woman, can ruin it. I believe in you, and I ask you to believe in me, and together we can make it better........

 I guess that sounds a bit tooty-fruity. Of course it matters who wins the election and I am voting for Hillary Clinton.
Jim Smith Dies. Practically my best friend ever, Jim Smith died in his sleep in the early hours of Friday, September 16. He was 76. His wife Janet said he went peacefully. Jim's health had been somewhat poorly in recent years and he seemed a little fuzzy the last time I spoke with him on the phone about one month ago. But there was no indication of any serious trouble. He just had a huge heart attack at 3 a.m. and bought the ranch.
The coincidence is that three weeks ago, without any premonition, Laurie and I had bought plane tickets to Seattle, primarily to visit my daughter Eva and see the new home she bought with her wife Lara. We planned to spend the weekend with Eva and make a day trip up to LaConner to see Jim and Janet and some other friends.
Turns out we will be seeing them, at Jim's memorial service, Sunday, October 2, at the LaConner Methodist church.  A lot a Jim's friends, who are mainly my friends as well, will be there.
Janet lost her husband and we must be of great sympathy to her. He was such a good man. But many people do not know that Jim had a twin sister Joan who lives in Seattle. Jim and Joan were as close as brother and sister can be, being twins, and this is a big loss for Joan.
Frog Hospital keeps selling subscriptions. I've been getting checks in the mail from faithful supporters. I received a $50 check from Ted,  a realtor in Boston, a man who has been on the Frog Hospital mailing list since the beginning of this newsletter in 1999. I will send him a thank you note by email.
You would think, after 17 years of this newsletter, that I would want to coast into the sunset. Nope. I have big plans -- to increase income and increase readership. I am meeting with a marketing specialist for this reason. A hopeful growth is coming to this little Internet rag.
Driving Miss Mabel. Mabel lives across the street from us. When she got to be 95 she stopped driving her car, so now I take her to the grocery store once a week. When we got to the produce section, she asked me to pick out a good cantelope. Assuming the wisdom of her advanced age, I said to her, "Which one looks ripe?" She said "How would I know?"
Working for Nice People. I worked for Italian lady this morning, putting organic spray on all the roses and fruit trees. She is a very kind woman. She said, "Just act like this is your own garden and do whatever you like." That sure puts me at ease. There is nothing better than working for nice people.  

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