Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Too tired to sleep

Another Day!

This afternoon I wrote a story about feral hogs -- these are pigs that have gone weild and just live out in the woods. It has become a real problem in Texas -- more than 2 million feral hogs inhabit and pestiferate.

I interviewed two old ranchers about the wild pigs on their places. They dig up big holes when they come out to feed at night.The ranchers shoot them as they are able.

At 6 p.m. I went to the baseball game between Falls City High School and Stockdale High School. These are two very small schools. Stockdale has a good team and they were whuppin' Falls City pretty good. It got to 8 to 0 in the fourth inning -- that's when I left. But I did get some good photos.

I drove the 18 miles from Stockdale back to Floresville listening to the highlights of Mozart's opera, The Marriage of Figaro.

At 8 p.m., I stopped at the Coffee & Creamery where the Republicans were hanging out waiting election results from our primary.

I saw with LaJuana and Norman and enjoyed myself.

After one hour, I drove over to the Courthouse, where they are still counting votes. I sat with Marvin Quinney, the County Judge. Marvin is my main man.

By ten p.m., I got very tired. I ate some banana cream pie, and then went home.

They are still counting votes. I expect Marvin will be there until midnight, along with many of the others.

Not me, I'm having a glass of red wine and then I'm hitting the sack.

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