Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wilson County

I am getting to like Wilson County. --- First, a little business. If you read this blog and wish to receive the Frog Hospital newsletter, then send me an email at

Back to Wilson County. I drove out Schneider's Store, ten miles south and east from Floresville, going further out into the country. It's just a wide spot in the road.

Helen Schneider ran it for 60 years. She sold it to Alene Pawelek in 1996, but Alene kept the name.

I went there after work and had a Bud Lite. I gotta say something. Bud Lite is really popular in Texas -- why? because I don't think it's very good beer. But anyway, when in Rome ... I picked the right place to go for a beer after work, because Leo, whom I just met bought it for me. I only had one, and some fritos, and then I drove back to Floresville, to my apartment.

And -- not trying to be eclectic, but just being my natural self -- while I drove I listened to a Shostakovitch String Quartet.

Now I'm listening to Tom Waits sing, "I hope I don't fall in love again."


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