Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ya no quiero nada

Estoy en un rinconcillo de cielo y ya no quiero nada.

I'm in my little corner of heaven and I don't want anything -- or it could be that I don't love anybody -- it depends on how you translate it, but it don't mean the same in English anyway.

I make these words in Spanish. I get this word from here, and another word from there, and I put them together -- from songs I hear on the Tejano radio station when I'm driving my car.

The trouble with speaking Spanish in south Texas is that it is highly political -- when people hear me say something in Spanish they think I am supporting some agenda, they think I am coming down on one side of an issue, they think I'm trying to be somebody's friend.

That's the trouble with speaking Spanish in south Texas. What about me? I don't care anything about these issues. I do not support la cultura. I don't want to be part of la raza. I just like the language. I like the sound of the words. That's all.