Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Four Post Day

A Four Post Day. A few people are reading this – I hope. Please email or send me a comment. Overwhelmed with emotion – that I was, the last few days, although the storm has passed. I guess I have given up on the girl-friend. She was very fine, but I’m leaving town, so I don’t expect to see her. Friday I had an incredible outburst of self-pity – about me living in my car for six months. I felt it was appropriate.

But the spirit has changed. Everything looks good. So read on – the next three posts, about my future – going to California. The Herb Caen column is repeated verbatim. He was a wonderful man.

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Anonymous said...

thought-provoking, mootable pv. just my thoughts, well anyways gl & be chipper is what i say