Friday, September 02, 2005

The Voodoo Evacuation and Recovery Plan

The Voodoo Evacuation and Recovery Plan. It’s just the way they would have a disaster in New Orleans. A disaster in Boston or Seattle would be played out a lot differently – my point being that we are seeing the full flavor of New Orleans. A party town, a voodoo town. That’s how they live and that’s how they are dying.

Now, anybody whoever enjoyed the good times in New Orleans owes it to them, and not any scolding about how they should have planned and they should have prepared. New Orleans throwed everybody a party and now we got to pay for it.

Like they should have gotten up at sunrise and drank a glass of orange juice and then go for a five-mile jog, and then they wouldn’t have had that heart attack. How can anybody say something that smug? Read the NY Times editorials with their scolding I-told-you-so attitude – just like what the preacher said after he walked out of the whorehouse.

Check out the post right before this that says Re: Triage and New Orleans. It’s not about the Oil

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