Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Stupid Shoes

Stupid Shoes. My troubles began four months ago when I bought those stupid shoes. I paid $40 for them at the Outlet Mall. They didn’t fit right. I felt like my feet were trying to walk around in small boats. And they were funny looking to boot. Why did I ever buy such stupid shoes? The experience shattered my confidence. Work began dwindling. Women no longer smiled at me. I ate more donuts.

A New Season. I was going to leave for Los Angeles today, but I discovered an oil leak in my beloved 1993 Toyota Corolla. Stuart, at the Rexville Store, hooked me up with a Toyota mechanic who works at the dealer. The mechanic will look over my car this evening when he’s at home and he only lives a few miles from here. The oil leak is probably a small problem, but I could use the re-assurance. So I decided to postpone my departure for one day. That will give me time to vacuum out my car and do a better job of packing for the trip.

Connie Funk gave me a bouquet of her prized hydrangeas as a going away present. I finished her garden yesterday. I will bring the bouquet to Los Angeles as a gift for my sister. Hydrangeas dry naturally, so they will keep in the back of the car.

I watched White Men Can’t Jump on the TV last night. It was filmed on the famed Venice Boardwalk in 1992, so that set me up for the journey [my sister has lived in Venice since 1977]. It is also a great movie for learning about race relations. The story is about a team of playground basketball hustlers. Woody Harrelson plays the white guy. Wesley Snipes plays the black guy. Their frank dialogue is illuminating. Rosie Perez plays Woody Harrelson’s girl friend. She is awesome.

The weather is perfect. The air is remarkably still and lightly cool under a blue sky. It couldn’t be a better day in the Skagit Valley, and it is so right to leave on a high note. One is not fleeing.

I still have the stupid shoes in the back seat of the car. The decision I face later day when I pack, is whether to throw them away or bring them with me.


Kay Richardson said...

I fucking hate shoes. Never wear them. Women smile at me too. All the time. Never stop.

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