Sunday, September 11, 2005

Santa Monica Farmers Market.

Santa Monica Farmers Market. You can find it every Wednesday at the intersection of Third and Arizona, right near the Promenade and the bluff overlooking the wide Pacific Ocean. This market has over 90 farmers selling fruits, vegetables, cheeses, etc., from bountiful pocket farms surrounding the great Los Angeles metropolis. It is, far and wide, the biggest and best display of vegetables I have ever seen in America.

I used to work for Glenn and Charlotte Johnson, who have an organic farm on Fir Island, here in the Skagit. I was getting too old for the backbreaking farm work, but just perfect for selling vegetables. So I managed one of their market days, arriving at early dawn to load up my truck with boxes of just-picked cauliflowers and kohlrabis and everything else, then driving to the market, setting up the tables and displaying the food just so – always under the shade, to keep it fresh, and giving it a spritz of cooling water throughout the day. The people came by and bought everything. It was a lot of fun.

Maybe, when I get to California – I’ll be staying at my sister’s house in Venice, which is right next to Santa Monica – maybe I can get a one day a week job selling veggies. This is a great idea. And what else could I do?

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