Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Kevin says hello

Kevin says hello. He's my friend. He carves totem poles and masks from cedar trees. Everybody around here wants to buy one of his carvings. He is also a singer and uses the drum, so if we have an event or party or anything, then Kevin might come and begin with an invocation. I go over to his house sometime to eat. His wife Pat -- also very nice. Then I play the piano. They have a good old upright. Any way, he says hello.

Neil is here. He said I could leave a box for storage in his garage. Last year I left ten boxes, but since then I have accumulated more stuff. I don't like living in my car, but at least I have a good place to keep my stuff -- I call it attic stuff, stuff you put away and never look at -- you just keep it -- ten boxes, but now it's eleven.

Connie Funk grows the best hydrangeas in the Skagit Valley. She has her place out on Dodge Valley Road -- not to confuse anybody but Dodge Valley is a little place in the Skagit Valley -- but, back to the hydrangeas -- Connie has the very best, luscious, green, thick, abundant plants, with huge blooms from pink to blue in a 50-foot hedge, right next to the house, on the north side, not too much sun.

Funny about plants. I didn't use to like hydrangeas, but now I do.


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