Monday, November 28, 2005

Cowboy up, Help ain't comin'

This is an attitude. I could explain it -- how to cowboy up, and what it means that help ain't comin' -- but it's better if you simply repeat the saying during quiet moments, and then implement it as a policy. It might have something to do with sleeping under a leaky tree in the rain, or being bug-bit on a hot day, and nowhere near the time or place for a cold beer. This is not confined to experiences in Texas by any means, but those with a decidedly rural character. Getting stuck in traffic doesn't count, unless, if you really want to cowboy up because you are stuck in traffic, you need to pull your vehicle over to the side of the road. You then pull a large ball-peen hammer out of your tool box -- this is not for beginners, you have to have the toolbox -- okay you get the hammer out and fix your vehicle in a manner that will leave it permanently in your past, including everything that got you stuck in traffic in the first place.

Having left the traffic jam, you start walking until you hit daylight. I mean daylight metaphorically, of course. Now your feet are sore and tired, you're thirsty, and finally, a lot of your friends will think you have lost your mind -- but you just keep on walking. Now you're cowboyin' up, and believe me, help ain't comin'


larryvdp said...

Cowboy up. I know it well. It's the reason we went to Iraq. Although a true cowboy doesn't go whipping the shit out of a little guy to make him feel big. Fuck Texas.

larryvdp said...

If you like Texas, you don't know Texas.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Texan and proud of it!

larryvdp said...

Hi Tex,
Try to run into Hightower somewhere.

How is Kinky doing?

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