Monday, November 21, 2005

The Town Council

We finish the paper on Mondays, then it goes to the printer. I left work at 5 p.m. and walked across the street to my upstairs apartment. I ate crackers and cheese and drank cold apple juice. I rested in the bed for a while, reading Fehrenbach's History of Texas. I read the chapter on the assault and defense of the Alamo. Then I closed my eyes for a while.

I left the apartment to drive 7 miles to a nearby town of 2,000 souls for their monthly town council meeting. I liked it there. Seven men and women sitting around three tables drawn together in an open square facing the audience -- five councilmembers, the mayor, and the clerk. It was a short one-hour meeting, routine business. The police chief reported from the audience -- all was well. The general manager of the electric utility presented his budget in a businesslike way. Bills were paid. An ordinance was approved which banned jake breaks on large trucks passing through town on the busy main road. I made a note to find out just exactly what a jake break was.

I got one good quote. The mayor said they had an unexpected visit from the state department of environmental quality. She said, "It was exciting, in a sewer kind of way."


larryvdp said...

Hey Fred,
Are you still a Laconnerite? You sound good.
Seen an armadillo?

larryvdp said...

Hi Again,
I forgot to tell you the snow geese have arrived and the swans look like their numbers are better than they have been the last few years. The lead shot restrictions must be working a little bit.
Were you here for the local election campaigns? Architect John, you know, lives on the hill across from the museum, was running for a town council seat. They had a meet and greet with the candidates and when it was Johns turn to speak Kwami got up and shouted,"that man called me a "nigger".
That was a hot topic of discussion for a few days. Red headed Mike, you know, hangs at Rexville in the mornings, said John had actually done so but in a lame attempt at speaking jive as in,"Kwami, myyyyyy nigger".
I don't relly buy that one because Kwami would recognize that for what it was. Kwami must have had some other beef with John, probably something to do whit Shani, but all seems to have quieted down.
Marilyn, from the drugstore, won a seat. She must have spent all of $5 dollars to get elected. She came by one day pulling the little red wagon with campaign literature as I was fitting stone onto one of the little walls in my front yard.
I'm still months away from finishing. I could use a hand if you get back this way anytime soon.
Sounds like you are enjoying Texas but I can't imagine why. Tell me what you think of Texas next July.
Miss you son.

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