Monday, September 24, 2007

Not Iran, but Michael Hood from LaConner

Iran -- no problem. If Iran develops a nuclear capability, Israel will take it out. Iran's bomb will be aimed at Tel Aviv. Israel knows this, and has much better intelligence than the US has, and also has the means and determination to destroy an Iranian nuclear threat. Therefore, let them. The US doesn't need to get involved.

Having said that, let's go back to 1979. Shouldn't we have backed up the Shah more vigorously? He was your average, brutal, corrupt Middle Eastern dictator, but he was on our side. Ideally, we should have propped him up, while nurturing the nascent professional middle class in Iran which strives, then and now, for Western-style democratic customs.

BLOG BUSINESS. Many old FROG HOSPITAL newsletter readers do not like this blog. I can only say that they will continue to receive the newsletter, and they are right to say to hell with blogs.

BLATHERWATCH. LaConner's own Michael Hood, father of Milo, ex of Rose, is doing well down in Seattle with his BlatherWatch Blog -- insider media gossip. He does that semi-erotic thing where he tells you a little bit about who's zooming who at certain Seattle radio stations. You get the impression that Hood knows a lot more than he is telling. That's the tease.

He also gets the Seattle zeitgeist -- I know I don't. I'm down in Seattle once or twice a month, and I really like going there, but I haven't got a clue. Actually I don't even care. Seattle is an expensive adult playground. It's claim to be progressive is laughable. There's no children -- Seattle has the second lowest children per capita in the country -- San Francisco is first, of course. There can be no progress, no matter how you define it, without children.

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