Saturday, September 22, 2007

Truce with the Co-op

I became critical of the Co-op management when they wouldn't hire my African wife to work in the Deli -- they said her English wasn't good enough. She was hired shortly afterward at another deli, where they thought here English WAS good enough. This disturbed me. I began to look into the history and structure of the Food Co-op, which is now a successful natural food business with millions in sales and dozen of employees who earn good wages and have decent benefits.

I voiced my criticisms and was met with shocked silence by other Co-op members who, almost unanimously, feel that the Co-op is simply too good and beyond any reproach.

What could I do? Wage a one man war? Forget that. Instead I resigned my membership and absolved myself of any responsibility. I sit now in the Deli enjoying a delicious bowl of oatmeal. I often meet my friends here when I shop.

But, I still notice, have always suspected, not just here, but at other natural food businesses, a disturbing Aryan quality.

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