Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wayne's World in LaConner

Wayne Everton is the Mayor of LaConner. He's pushing 80, or past it, raised a Mormon in Utah, but never looked back, served in the Navy during WWII -- the big one. Married Beverly, raised a family and published weekly shoppers in the Bay area -- made a good living at that.

Wayne retired from publishing 25 years ago and moved up to LaConner. He and Beverly operated a bread and breakfast for a while -- too much work. Wayne was also active in local Republican politics. He was outspoken in his views and encountered the opposition that comes with speaking your mind.

Wayne has cherished his enemies ever since -- or, to put it another way, pretty much the same people in LaConner have always been mad at him.

Wayne has done a great job as Mayor of LaConner these past four years. First, because he didn't screw anything up. Second, because he runs a tight, quick meeting. Third, although he has always favored the Moore-Clark development and never disguised his views on that ongoing conflict, he did not abuse the office of Mayor in pursuit of that goal. Fourth because he solved problems as they arose -- like renewing the contract with the Skagit County Sheriff to provide police protection in LaConner.

The Sheriff wanted to stick the town of LaConner with a huge increase in the contract fee, but Wayne took a tough stance and worked it back down to a reasonable amount.

Wayne didn't take this personally, but the Sheriff just wanted too much money and Wayne wouldn't let him have it.

Wayne has many friends in LaConner, including me. I have enjoined numerous interesting arguments with him, sometimes over a glass of white wine.

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