Monday, October 01, 2007

Al Gore is Scaring Little Children

Al Gore, former Vice-president and almost winner in 2000, has made a slide show that goes round the world, scaring little children with his doomsday, secular apocalypse of collapsing glaciers and rising sea levels. He has hijacked an important scientific discussion for the sake of his own tarnished glory. The man is a fraud.

I can only compare him to myself. I made a serious commitment to reduce my carbon foot print in 1969, almost forty years ago, although we didn't call it that back then. Nevertheless, I have accumulated a massive amount of carbon credits since that year -- in terms of energy not used, cars not driven, electricity conserved, and so forth. The Owens family has lived lightly on the planet for decades, while the Gore family has squandered and spent with hypocritical abandon.

And yet Gore has the nerve, with his slide show, to assume the leadership of something he has had little part in building.

I mention my own example as one who has made a lifetime of conserving natural resources -- there are thousands of people like me -- and we can all take a little credit.

But we lack Gore's showmanship.

All I can is that I wish Gore a future of simple obscurity -- it would do him and the world a lot of good.

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