Thursday, October 04, 2007

The New Moon is Coming

We're having the last quarter of the old moon right now, and we'll get a new moon on October 11. The new moon is a tiny little sliver in the sunset sky. And it will grow and grow and become a full moon two weeks after that -- at least I'm pretty sure it will. I mean it always has done that -- start out with a new sliver and grow into a big round luscent ball. The moon being one of those things you can count on.

The moon governs the tides. Here where I am on the farm, a few miles from saltwater, and the flood tide will back up the sloughs almost to the farm. Because the moon moves the water. I don't know how the moon moves the water, but I am sure that it does. At least that's what everybody says.

The great thing about the moon is that there is so little to argue about.

The Image is the cover page of Nancy Passmore's Lunar Calendar. She is the guiding spirit behind this important tool -- you hang the calendar on your kitchen wall and you only have to look at it to see where the moon is going to be. It's nice to know this kind of thing -- you can even tell your friends, "Hey, head's up -- we gotta New Moon on October 11."

Nancy works out of a small office in Jamaica Plain in Boston. You can get one of her lunar calendars at Luna Press.

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