Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Glenn, Wayne, and Al Gore

The next three posts profile the lives of three men. Glenn Johnson has a serious and commited life, dedicated to organic farming and the wise and spare use of energy. He is bursting with ideas and energy but he has failed to get his message across to the public, despite his attempts to run for office and write pamphlets. I have tried to help him improve his communication skills, but the results are not favorable. Suffice it to say that Glenn is an unrecognized genius.

George Bush, the current occupant of the White House talks conservatively but spends money like Donald Trump's wife. And one says of conservative philosophy -- maybe we ought to actually do it, and find out if it works. It has worked in LaConner. Wayne Everton,the mayor of this small town of 800 souls, is the first conservative I have ever met who actually governs conservatively -- would there were more. He does not do what he wants, but only does what needs to be done. Wayne's views on the wise use of energy are quite contrary to Glenn Johnson's. Let's just say that Wayne is more of a high-octane guy. But he has the virtue of consistency.

Our third man is Al Gore, who talks about the conservation of natural resources but lives pretty high on the food chain. Al, you gotta walk the walk to get my respect.

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