Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Barn on Beaver Marsh Road

I live here, near these fields of tulips. The Roozen family grows many acres of tulips just down the road from my house. The tulips blossom in April and this is a very pretty sight. The Roozens dig up the bulbs in late summer to sell to gardeners all over the world. Last year the Roozens grew ten acres of irises in the field next to our place -- pale blue and very fine, the irises bloom in May.

The barn is 100 years old. They used to store hay in the big room upstairs. You can still see the hooks and pulleys they used to hoist it up there. Then the cows lived on the ground floor, and had there hay ready to eat all winter.

My "house" is a small trailer next to the barn. I have it parked on the north side, in the lee of the barn, because the south wind blows pretty strong out here in the winter. I'm the caretaker on this property -- it ain't hard work, not like I've done for other people, but the owners like me to keep an eye on things.

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