Friday, September 21, 2007

Why Ron Paul?

Ron Paul -- I like him better as a person than anyone else. I never liked John Kerry -- no one else did either. Also, the big parties kind of run things from the top down -- I would have no chance of input. I had no input on Kerry's campaign, and I would not have any input for Obama et al.

Paul is quite a steady fellow, not the angry type, a doctor, ob/gyn, not originally from Texas and does not have the accent, age 70 -- a good role model for a 61-year-old like me.

This is also a matter of self-preservation. Call me paranoid, but Hillary is going to purge the ranks when she takes over -- deviant liberal males will be put through harsh self-criticism routines. I have made more than a few intemperate remarks myself -- nothing on the scale of Don Imus -- but when I saw what happened to him, I figured I would be next, except that I am protected by my insignificance.

Nevertheless, acting on this fear, I am running for cover with the Paul people -- all the kooks in America are joining up here -- I might even feel normal.

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