Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bible class

After dinner, I drove to Stockdale to attend Bible study at the Church of Christ. I was their last week and sat with Marvin and Alene, but they didn't come this week. I didn't mind. I sat with some other folks.

The lesson was about Romans, Chapter 14. I started to read that, and then I checked a footnote which referred to the second Book of Samuel Chapter 22, so I looked that up, and it was about King David, and the book of Samuel is soooo much more interesting than the Epistles.

Okay, the Epistles are just a lot of boring advice, and St. Paul is a pill -- there I've said it.

I sure didn't say that in Bible class, but this is why we have blogs.

I read the book of Samuel, where David is old and dying and about to formally select Solomon, his son by Bathsheba, to be his successor. Meanwhile Wayne, the preacher and leader of the Bible class, is explaining what Paul meant in Chapter 14 of Romans, and I'm kind of half-listening, when we got to the part about how I shouldn't do something and be a stumbling block to my brother.

I shot up my hand, and Wayne recognized me. I said, "That's kind of complicated."
He said that I asked a good question, and he went on to explain it all over again, but he did agree that a lot of preachers never preach Romans, because, in fact, it is a bit complicated.

Afterwards, when the class ended, I spoke with the woman who sat next to me. She said she was a nurse at the nursing home in Stockdale, that she was the director of nursing service -- the DNS, the boss, I knew that term -- but she was a very sweet lady and said she had been a nurse there for 40 years -- what a good life!

I drove home, stopping to buy a pint of Blue Bell ice cream.

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