Saturday, February 04, 2006

Girl Power, Boy Loser

I saw the girls basketball game last night at the gym. I took photos for the newspapers and made notes for story I'll write Monday morning.

What I really noticed was the pep, enthusiasm, style, grace, power, confidence, grit, beauty, and strength of these two girl teams, with sound athletic skills -- shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, working together, reading the court -- they had everything. Girl Power.

Boy Loser. Did you see the cover of Newsweek about how badly boys are doing in school these days, and they form a solid minority in colleges and graduate schools too. Boys are bums. You look at them and you know they're prison-bound, pathetic, guaranteed to be homeless, under-employed, ignorant, unhealthy dullards.

This wasn't supposed to happen. Girls were supposed to get more confidence and self-esteem, which they did and we can see it. But some of us, not me, predicted that the boys would fall. They have fallen. Boys are losers.

So, we can congratulate the people who were right about this and said it would happen. And we can blame the people who trashed the boys and built up the girls. I recommend neither choice. I recommend, at least for today, accepting the reality of what has happened. The girls are up and the boys are down. And that is the plain truth.

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