Thursday, February 23, 2006


It feels like spring out there. Last evening, I saw a woman working in her garden. She had just planted two rose bushes. She showed me some teeny, tiny leaves that were going to be flowers. This little garden patch is just down the street from my apartment, on the corner, behind a wrought-iron fence. I can watch this garden grow.

I live above the store and I look out over a roof -- nowhere near any dirt. I'm thinking I might root some rosemary and grow that in a pot.

Lots of people around here grow rosemary, but I never see any lavender.

Lavender is just as easy to grow as rosemary. Both of these plants thrive on abuse -- perfect for the Texas climate. I had several dozen lavender plants where I used to live. I had some of it trimmed into a hedge.

Lavender smells great. I would just pick a few leaves, crush them, and smell them. Sometimes I would rub leaves on my forehead and arms in lieu of cologne. Or make lavender tea -- it's very mild in taste, good with honey, and naturally relaxing. But mainly it was just to easy to grow, and I was simply glad to have it around.

If I get a small lavender and small rosemary, I can grow them in pots on my kitchen window sill -- that might be enough garden for me.

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