Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I am working for Marshall today. We are going to plant favs beans. Marshall sent an email to me and the rest of the crew saying he was feeling a bit poorly and fluish. He said he would come to the garden at nine to give instructions and inspiration and then retire to his abode for a day of rest.

I am excited about Game Seven tonight. It could be quite a free for all. The World Series used to be such a big deal. Everybody talked about it. Everybody watched the game. Not so now. Now it is just another show. Oh well, things are not what they used to be, but I have not got the time for nostalgia, so play ball!

I would be happy about the new tires I bought for my car, new treads! Except then my laptop blew a fuse. Honestly, I want to pitch that infernal machine into a ditch. I would buy another laptop but my extra funds are too diminished. Right now I am using my daughter's I-pad, a long term loan. The iPad is tolerable for my usages.

what else? I am so glad to be done with Facebook. It is like getting out of jail, all those smiling faces grinning! I cannot stand it anymore. I feel so free and being myself on this blog, finding my own way.

PAYPAL. And I have a PayPal button. That means you can pitch in, dear reader, just pound on the button and put in the cash. If I make a dollar on this blog it will be more than I ever made on Facebook.

SPELLING. I will do better on spelling as soon as I learn to correct mistakes on this iPad.

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