Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Laptop broke

I got all excited about writing on this blog and then my laptop broke.

I am writing this with one finger on my iPad.

I'm going to bed in ten minutes. It has been a busy day, a good day, a satisfying day.

I got my tires fixed. I mean, I bought two new tires for $192 and that too care of my tread situation. Now I have plenty of tread.

So I don't care about my stupid broken laptop.

I saw Antonio this morning. He is moving to Hawaii with his girlfriend and he needs to sell his truck, a white Ford 150 from 1997, he wants $3,000.

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Unknown said...

What happened to your laptop is too bad, just when you've finally started blogging. At least, you have an iPad you can use to keep us updated. Anyway, it's good to be busy. It means you've been productive. Hahaha! Glad you took care of the situation you had with the tires. Hopefully, your laptop's been fixed as well. Keep us posted, Fred. All the best to you! :)

Alison Henderson