Wednesday, October 29, 2014



The thing is that I do not write as freely as some other people do. The thing is that my mother reads this and I would not wish to offend her. The thing is my mother died in 1996, but I still think she might read this and she might be offended and I would not like to write anything that would bother her.

Writers are supposed to be wild and free and uninhibited. I have never believez do that, but I have heard other people say things like that, to be free and wild. Not me, I am quite careful. I do not like to strike out st people because invariably they strike back, and that hurts. And if they do not strike back, then I start to feel guilty because I might have been picking on them.

So better it is to be nice and to have a care for how the other fellow might react to what I say.

This could be wisdom, or it could be that I am simply afraid, or it could be that I am too old and have not got the energy to start a fight or sustain an argument.

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Alan Archibald said...

Great reflection! Thank you Fred.