Tuesday, November 04, 2014

A Nervous Wreck

I am about to undergo a course of hypnotherapy to help me overcome a phobia -- a fear of crowds and crowded rooms.

The prospect of this therapy, done via Skype, has me in a nervous condition. For one thing, just for starters, I have never used Skype.

The therapist is someone I have known for 35 years, although I cannot say I know her well. I mean, we never hung out together or anything like that, but we did live in the same very small town -- LaConner -- for many years, and that gives me a feeling of kinship with her, plus I believe her life has not been particularly bad..... In other words, I believe her to be a genuinely caring person with good intentions.

But I'm still nervous about this. I will ask her that maybe we should just talk, this first session -- too scary, let me get a feel for this.

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